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Collective raise and Collective lower on choppers
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When I raise the collective with the default Q key I gain altitude the normal way. But if I bind a joystick-key to the same action the chopper won't raise at the same speed making it impossible to fly full speed/fly over hills without losing ALL speed. And if I bind 2 joystick keys to raise the collective it goes a littile bit faster but still not as fast as pressing Q. And the exact same is for lowering the collective.

The joystick in question is a Thrustmaster T16000m. Iam quite sure its not a settings thing because I already tweeked those "controls+sensetivities" into my liking and there was nothing in there what looked like it could cause my problem.
My joystick has a slider aswell and that one is working perfectly when I bind to collective raise/lower "analogue".

So please fix or tell me what I am doing wrong because I want to fly fast over the mountains and I want to be able to brake and land in a normal way aswell! :)


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Put collective on joystickbuttons and just try to fly..

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Not sure if its a problem on other joysticks..

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This is also an issue if you use a built in Z-Axis of a Joystick for collective control.
You can easily spot the difference by the climbing-speed instrument.
It feels like only the the range +50% to -50% is used.

Joystickmodel: Saitek Cyborg V1

This issue also occur with a 360 controller and a Dualshock 3 controller, so I think this issue is with all controllers and joysticks.

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You should bind your joystick to "collective (analog)", not "collective". It would solve this problem. And by the way there's already million tickets about this same problem. There is a search function present here, you know.

You should check out your facts before talking rubish. This will solve your personal whining problems. And by the way this ticket is one of the first to talk about this matter. The other ones are from keyboard heroes who already fly shit, who want to fly even more shit when TOHFM is implemented. And voting down is not helping anybody since the problem remains (collective raise analogue doesnt do anything at all)

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collective raise and lower cause ascent and descent at different rates depending on input device type and input type. Shouldn't these all be the same?

In the ah6/mh6
all figures in feet per minute from onboard VSI

2000 up
1800 down

mapped to joystick buttons:
7000 up and down

If you map the ANALOG collective to buttons on the joystick you get still another set of figures

2200 up
1800 down

however if using the analog collective inputs for non analog buttons, after releasing either button the helicopter falls at a rate of 1200 feet per minute until a non analog collective input is pressed.

In the KA-60
all figures in meters per minute from VSI on board

600 up
600 down

joystick digital
2.5 up
2.5 down

joystick analog (mapped to a button)
700 up
600 down

  with a button release fall rate of 500 meters per minute

Please correct this issue

Like DisorderedMind said, if you bind the actions of default Q and Z to joystick buttons you won't get 100% collective up/down but less than 50%. And even holding Q/Z is not 100% collective up/down because my analog collective will still beat it with gaining hight/decending.(I only use the analog slider on my joystick for this testing purpose, I HATE flying with it)

I'm just providing numbers to go with the issue. Relax.

And I was just confirming your stuff :P Did not mean to sound "attacking"

no worries, needed sleep, looking back you didn't. I was a cranky baby. :)