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Weather Settings
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I found that when I set the rain to max there are not enough clouds in the sky to produce a heavy downfall.


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Click the intel button in the editor and set the weather rain setting to max, Start with just the player on the map and check the number of clouds and cloud type.

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It rains even if you are above the clouds.

Also lightning does not work even on max setting.

Also there is no storm sound (wind, etc..). When I max all storm settings I have not the feeling to be in a storm or even bad weather :-)

What downpour? It barely rains! lol The weather needs a lot of work. I don't expect L4D2 levels of rain, but the rain is pathetic in the alpha. Hopefully placeholder, because I feel like I'm walking around in Oblivion when it rains. The player should move through rain, not take it with them.
Also wish I knew how to get Lightning working. I feel like I saw a video with it working, so I dunno.
I think over-all they need to make the inclement weather a little more intense in a lot of ways, especially visually/audibly. I like the waves at sea, but the rain is disappointing and the sound needs work.

Make the weather effects like Carrier Command, the lightning flashes and sound of thunder claps and stormy rain are excellent in that game.

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