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Clouds and fog are rising with the aircraft
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I tried to fly with a helicopter over the clouds, but the clouds raised relative to the aircraft. i was not able to get over them (1100 meters). Same with fog. It raises with the aircraft.


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I think this is a technical limit related to the way the sky is rendered. More or less like a skybox...
However, I agree it looks weird

If you keep flying you will eventually fly into the clouds and then above the clouds.

I agree that the clouds should be static, but i guess this is Alpha.

Setting a starting height of the unit to 5000 should put you above the low clouds. I guess that is far to high for clouds to appear.

(Offtopic: play around, set a flying heli's height to 5000+ then turn the engine off in game, see how fast you come crashing down)

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clouds do need some altitude adjustments when trying to fly into/over them.

Clouds are higher than 1km.

The new fog implementation fixes the other issue.