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Active Reloads
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During an active reload (a reload with rounds still in the magazine), there should be 31 rounds in the rifle after not 30. As there is still one round in the chamber. Also the rifle should not be re-cocked. This shouldn't be done for belt fed weapons.


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Reload any rifle with a magazine.

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True, it would be quite a big hiy on realism if this issue wasn't addressed...

Agree, been a thorn in the side through all Flashpont/ARMA games especially since many shooters today have got the active reloads right.

Also the animation for the "manouver handle" (not sure that is the English word, but i mean the handle you cock the weapon with) on the BLUEFOR assault rifles are way to slow in my opinion... it should snap forward as the mechanism puts a new round in compared to how it is now´when it slowly slides forward.

Duplicate of #0000625.