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Low prone sight don't work (Sight on the side of your weapon). (I guess that's what it's for).
Add a smoothing option for vehicles, so I can turn it off.
Weapons should start on automatic.
Random death and death upon getting close to destroyed vehicles, and entering destroyed buildings.
Quad bikes accelerates to slow and are clunky.
Vehicles sometimes flip very easy.
Entering map will reset tactical crouch positions to crouch, and lower to weapon.
Crash issues.
Connection fails.
Optimization is needed.


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I love the game so far! Can't wait for moderators set up mods for this. And really hope you do the right thing and listen to the community and make this as awesome as attended :)

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I am quessing you should find relevant tickets and vote for them. Or create new ones if you cant find them. Also crash dumps for your crash issues should be good.

agreed with bumgie.. this kind of massive reports with multiple issues in the same ticket and with a non-clear title wont help devs.
Please refer to

Please look for the reports of issues that affect you and vote them up. If you cannot find something, create a new report for it. (One report per issue; putting everything in one report does not help.)