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Game does not allow CMD (Windows Logo Key) to show desktop
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In full screen, I occasionally need to use the Logitech G15 Keyboard to hit the CMD Key (Known as the Windows Logo) to minimize the game world and show my desktop.

The game will not allow this and I have to use Alt-Tab to work around.

I wonder if a second monitor (Available to me) Will show my desktop while I play the game.


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Steps To Reproduce

Play in full screen mode (Not windowed)

Hit the windows Logo Key to attempt minimize to desktop view.

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I think this is done on purpose (there are MODS in arma 2 that use these keys for interaction)

Try using windows key + d (this is default for desktop shortcut).

Probably made on purpose!
Many games disable windows reserved keys suck as the CMD and the MENU key to allow the user to bind functions to them.

Not an issue imo

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