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Game crashes to desktop when loading autosave
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The game crashes to desktop when resuming a mission from a autosave, error message displayed: cannot load 'C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\Saved\a3\missions_f\showcases\showcase_vehicles.stratis\autosave.Arma3AlphaSave'.


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start game and start mission by clicking resume from the mission screen

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Please fill up the report and provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner

Also please provide the savegame file. Thank you

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I have retried to replicate this issue by starting for the begining of the mission and have not been able to reproduce this error. If it happens again I will post the save game file here.

I just got the same error.
I was playing the Vehicle showcase and got the error after reloading the autosave.
It was the first autosave, after I stole the Vehicle.
I manually saved once before (before assaulting the 1. base).
played on elite (only 1 save allowed I guess?)
It was the first time i reloaded that file.

Arma 3 Alpha 0.5.102571
one mod installed (a german texture for rifleman)
(was running fraps in background, but not recording)

System: Windows 7 x64

I have uploaded my RPT, the failed autosave and additionally my manual savefile
It's the

I've uploaded a second package after the same error occurred again.
only file missing is the DxDiag.txt I forgot. if necessary I can send it too, but personally I doubt, it would help in this case :(

the game crashed again after while trying to load the first autosave of Vehicle Showcase.
I basically sneaked into the base, not killing that many enemies (3 or 4 maybe)
and I ran one over with the vehicle
when trying to reload autosave, the Loading screen showed and about 2 seconds later it crashed to desktop.

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@OMAC :It surely is related but it's not a duplicate.

@Lehmann : Thanks, we'll check your savegame files

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Could you please try out today's build? 0.53.103754 in right lower corner in main menu. You need to enable "development" in BETAS section of steam properties of game. Thank you.

I tried to recreate the error, but couldn't.
The savegames I have uploaded do not work anymore with the latest build (error : wrong version).
I've checked about 5-6 new autosaves, and all worked fine.
However, I wasn't able to recreate the error more then once, when the bug was active, too. No way for me to find out if it was fixed or not.

I've used the new dev build 0.53.103754

Lynx added a comment.Apr 8 2013, 10:29 AM

We will change status to resolved, if bug would reappear, please notify us.

Mass close.