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Putting explosive on boat hull
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It would be really enjoyable if the scuba diver explosive specialist was able to put explosives on boat hull.


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IT would be cool if you had the ability to attach explosives to all the different vehicles. Otherwise the community could prob create it, but an actual developer implementation would be great. Could add great subject for mission ideas.

From one of the video showcases about a year ago, the ability to attach explosives to vehicles is going to be in the game. Whether that's changed, or just hasn't been implemented in the Alpha is the question, since it also showed the ability to wear enemy uniforms which looks likely to have been cut.

I hear they took out, the ability to put on enemy uniforms because its against the geneva convention.

YES. We need a limpet mine for our divers. These come as backpacks in real life. The diver swims to the target, his dive buddy, removes and places the mine to the ship, they set the dual timers and get the heck out of there. MUST HAVE IN ARMA 3.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I don't understand how this isn't in the game yet as I remember way back before the alpha release seeing teaser footage of exactly this concept of attachable explosives. Hopefully they don't just quietly back off from this and we hold them accountable.

I think they removed that feature, along with some content, because of a certain incident that forced them to take a couple steps back during development.

Still, it'd be nice if it were added back. I want my carbombs.