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Mouse does not work on ANY menu screen's.
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Mouse pointer shows but does not high-lite or register when I click on any options including in game menu's/Inventory's. Which is making it impossible for me to complete the scuba mission as I cannot retrieve the anti-air gun.


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Please provide more details like mouse brand, drivers, software etc.
I'm not experiencing this issue with a CM Storm-Spawn up-to-date with the latest firmware

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Rosewill 5000 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse. All driver's and software are up to date.

Have you tried with the configuration software disabled ?
The issue is certainly there, since you can't use menu stuffs.
Now we just have to help devs to pinpoint the cause !

How does one disable configuration software?

In my case, i have the software's icon in the taskbar (lower right corner of the screen, next to the clock and calendar) and all i have to do is to right click > exit .

If it's not the case for you, do the following:

  • Go on START
  • In the search bar write msconfig and press enter
  • Go in Startup tab
  • Deselect (remove the check mark) the mouse software
  • Apply and reboot

You will be able to re-enable it by the same procedure.

Didn't work.

What didn't work ? Disabling the software or still having the same issue in the game ?

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Had the same issue and looks to me more related to menu items offset in the video than a mouse problem. See ticket 0000822

Is OP on a multi monitor ?
Because i'm on single monitor, 16:9 @1920x1080 and i don't have any kind of offset

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It is strange because it magically corrected itself hahaha.

I'm having this problem along with the screen image being wrong. It looks like I'm getting a blown up to fill full screen of just the top left of the actual screen, it's doing my head in as I can't proceed any further into the game. I'm using a 51" TV but I don't think it's my TV at fault as I have no problems on any other game I play.

I think I know what you're going through, I had this issue as well. Here is what you do, go to your Arma 3 folder and right click arma3.exe then click properties. Click the compatibility tab, then look for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" and then click the check box next to it. Hit Apply and then OK then try to run the game.

Thanks dude, this worked a treat :)
I'm glad someone knows what they're doin lol

I had the same issue, but I found alt-tabbing out and back into the game would solve the issue.

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Duplicate of #246

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