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alarm issues
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If you dive and get close to the enemy camp under the water at the diver mission the alarm turned on. Same issue at the car steal mission. If you reach the back enterance of the camp without an alarm. and kill a guard with a silenced gun. the alarm turn on.


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I too have noticed this. Whenever I'm close to a camp for a period of time, even if I am completely undetected, the alarm will sound and enemies will come looking for me. It happens even if I remain hidden, fire no shots and don't confront the enemies.

I've noticed it in both the Vehicle and Scuba missions.

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I think this issue solved, you can close this ticket. I tested and i think the alarm system works fine by now.

Actually, I played the missions last night (after the latest update) and it still applies.

Unable to reprocuce in latest dev build. Seems to have been fixed.