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Default UI font issues
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The main UI font which is used in Arma 3 has a couple of cosmetic issues which are affecting the overall experience/readability of the test/menu options presented:

  • The font at lower resolutions (1280x720), becomes very blurry, to the point that reading anything becomes difficult.
  • Kerning of the individual characters when UI size is set to "very small" is so bad, that some characters, such as "i" and "l" are rendered, as they were a single character, thus causing readability problems.
  • Regardless of the UI size chosen, there seems to be an inconsistency in letter case in general UI messages displayed on-screen, during loading, selecting various options, etc: some of the messages are displayed in standard case (first letter is capital, the rest is lowercase), some are displayed in uppercase. My suggestion is to use standard capitalization for longer pieces of text, such as briefings and tutorials, and use uppercase in game messages, such as "LOADING...".
  • Text placement on top of menu rectangles is off vertically. If text is displayed in uppercase, the vertical alignment should position them in the middle of the rectangle, not slightly below.
  • The menu highlighting make the text/labels unreadable, since it fades to white. I suggest the animation to stay within the military colors, so it doesn't distract the attention and makes it more readable, as even in-game when the option is on a white background, it's impossible to see it, not to mention reading it.

All of this, gives a feeling of not caring about little details that really matter after all, as the UI should be intuitive and readable above all else. Plus, adhering to genera typography rules will make it stand out from all other games. {F16958}


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Just switch in-game resolution to anything lower than 1680x1050 a UI size to "small" or "very small".

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I would like to see Zeppelin32 (ArmA2 font) back for editor and continuous text.

The previous font isn't the best solution either for the UIs readability and usability. I would try to use a modern sans-serif, such as Ubuntu, font for larger chunks of text and the current one for headings, as it looks good.

current A3 font is totally totally totally unreadable. MB its good for big titles and some names but not for main text.

Text is for reading. Especially in Editor FUNCTIONS - i have no words to describe what my eyes feel.


Duplicate of #0000666.