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Primary Weapon + Incremental Stance + Moving Forward + Vault = Dance Moves
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When in an Incremental Stance (not default Stand or Crouch) and moving up to a vaultable object, attempting to vault causes the character to go prone, then vault over in one fluid motion.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Arm thyself with a primary-weapon of choice
  2. Enter thyself into any crouch / stand incremental stance
  3. Walk / run thyself up to vaultable object (tested with Jersey Barriers and picket fences)
  4. Vault
  5. Do the fish dance
  6. Finish Vault animation and continue on thy merry way
Additional Information

Does not occur with sidearms.
Testing with Launchers yielded a different issue (will submit separate ticket)

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this can be considered part of #446

Mmm, yes it can - I suppose I should have searched for "prone" before posting this one, not just "vault." Thanks for pointing that out, tarciop! If a moderator could flag the relationship and then close this issue, that'd be greatly appreciated!

Better late than never.