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No virtual off hand use
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There is no use for the virtual off hand. Every action in the game requires two virtual hands. There is no use for the virtual off hand. Every action in the game requires two virtual hands. Assign a hot key for offhand use. Then enable the hot key and mouse movement to allow several different options. 1 drag in game tools to desired locations. 2 interaction with in game objects. 3 allow full custimization of off hand use.


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Arma 3 simulater should allow you to use two hands at once. Right hand for weapons and left hand for options like compass, clock, gps, map, tools, food etc.

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I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but in my mind double-tapping K to bring up the compass, double-tapping O for your watch or right-CTRL+M for bringing up your GPS all simulate you using your off-hand to keep track of additional information constantly.

What Blooner said. Plus, with the actual game, I'm sure they're going to implement the drag feature allowing you to drag wounded friendlies with your off hand while keeping your weapon raised. I actually prefer to be able to keep my compass on screen without an arm and hand blocking a portion of my view.

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My description is rather vague. I am suggesting the use of your hands to do a multitude of stuff. Hotkeys do great to get us equipment out of inventory and into our screens. Basicly I'm asking for a key to holld down simliar to Alt that we use free look the battlefeild. But instead this key would allow you to move your left hand freely to move objects on the ground, on screen and possibly more to include hand signals etc. One example is this: Your in combat hunkered behind a garbage dumpster with wheels. A building is ten feet away and your being supressed by enemy fire. Now currently the garbage dumpster is there and not movable. With a added off hand feature you would hold the new off hand hotkey "H" and this would grab the object in view. You then walk with the dumpster to the building. Depress the H key to release the object. This is only one example. More to follow>

I can see this having lot's of practical uses, but i also can see the engine struggle with this

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