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Mortar aiming reticle not accurate
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The mortar aimsight in gunsight mode does not represent where the round will land. It is useful still for getting range and elevation to target but the round will land short at close range and far at long range. At distances under 200m the round generally lands about 50m short. At ranges over 300m the rounds land 100m or more long.


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Get in gunner position on mortar.
Aim crosshair at target.
Vary with targets at different ranges.

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Not sure if the sight is meant to automatically calculate trajectory, so I did not class this as a major bug.

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You are aware you need to match the elevation yourself? This is not click-fire-hit. That's the artillery computer.

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Try this:

1: Aim at target
2: Use the sight zeroing keys, default pgup/pgdown, to match the two numbers in the lower right of your screen
3: Fire
4: Observe the round land on target

In my experience it may bias towards landing short at long ranges, so if you're aiming at a target >2km away you may want to set your elevation slightly lower. (.1 to .5 degrees in my preliminary experimentation.)

Thanks for the info, MaHuJa. Wasn't aware I could adjust the elevation manually. Anyways, I've tested this out a bit. I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a bias towards landing short at long range. However, sometimes it's aggravating to get the elevation within .2 degrees of target. I noticed too that if you hit pgup and then pgdown quickly you can finagle it closer to your intended mark. Also use the F key to switch between close/medium/long rounds. Once it's explained the system is fairly simple to use in a direct fire capacity.

Seems to be a non-issue. Closing.