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Track IR will not work
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I've tried everything i can think of.. it wont work. My Track IR works fine in ARMA 2 now, but will not work at all in ARMA 3. I've enabled it and the game auto recognized it as a device but its not working.

Thanks for your hard work.


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I got caught out with this. You will need to update your Track IR game drivers list and possibly your Track IR drivers. You can do this from the Track IR interface.

TrackIR 5 with latest drivers worked fine without any manual tweaking for me.

I use trackIR myself. Mine works fine. I had to go to option-controls-controllers-enable in the game menu. I presume you tried that already though. Good luck

I was still using the old TrackIR 4 software and even fully updated it wouldn't recognize Arma3. When I switched to the TrackIR 5 software it worked fine.

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I believe you should update your drivers on TRACKIR. Once I did this and then enabled the TRackIR again, everything was ok. Good luck!

the new trackir 5.22 driver works with arma3, was using it last night

My TrackIR wont work as well. Its a TRackIR 3, without the vector expansion, so i can't upgrade to the TrackIR 5 software. I'm at version 4.2.039 - Final.
Hope this will work eventually with Arma3

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TrackIR 5 with 5.22 also works fine with me.

My Track IR 5 is working well.
Easiest way is to have Track IR hardware connected to your PC and the software running before ArmA is started.
If Track IR isn't active go in your ArmA controls. Then it should be activated. If not go under controls on controller and enable Track IR.

my track IR 4 work...

FreeTrack v.2.2 is working well to...

No further word from the ticket author in almost two weeks. Is this still an issue?

Apparently not. Closing.