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AI will not enter buildings/fight in CQB
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After giving commands to move into a building, and even fighting against AI on Veteran and skill set to full, AI will not enter buildings with doors open, closed, or destroyed. CQB seems to screw with their logic as well, and they do not respond as well as they should.


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First command I gave to aAI, it was uinto a building. They did just fine.

I'll try again and see what happens.

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Try posting a screenshot of the area it happened in, it could be an isolated problem in an area where they are processing too much data similar to the problem they had in ArmA 2.

Closing, as this seems to be covered by #0004553 "AI needs building usage routines". (Report with higher vote count takes precedence.)

If you feel this is a separate issue, reopen it. :)