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Swiming back on land from water without a scuba suit results in you swiming in air
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When going back on land on some of the ground near the Stratis Airport a small bug happens and you continually do the swiming anim and move as slow as swimming. you move like your also swimming and cant do anything to fix it unless you trigger an action such as entering a vehicle. {F16945}


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Swimming and Diving
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near the southern side of the airport is when this happens most of the time and when you comeback from swimming in the ocean you will be still "Swimming" on land

Additional Information

make sure you remove all your gear befor going swiming

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Experiencing the same bug during the SCUBA showcase. It has also happened to me while completely submerged and not attempting to go back on land. Wasn't able to grab a screenshot of that one.

"Removing all your gear" is the keyword for the dupe to #3634.