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Optic Zoom Timing
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when i press my right button to zoom, the optics seemed delayed. in arma 2, it was immediately zoomed in. Now. i press it down and about 1 or more second after it zooms.


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I can't confirm this...

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Same issue here: when I click on the right button, it zooms as if you hold your breath, and then it zooms through your optic one second later.

Not having this issue

Could it be that you have bound any function to "doubleclick RMB"? This will delay the RMB function.

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I need to readdress this issue. I'm wrong.. Pricing my right button brings up my sights correctly. Holding in the right button zooms my view (whether it be while zooming or just regular). I got the two confused.. What was taking time was the zooming in my view not bringing my sights up. I guess I was confused since I hadn't played Arma 2 in about a month or so.

Seems to be a non-issue.