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Step over allows you to see/shoot through walls
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Pressing 'step over' directly in front of a wall/door allows you to see what's on the other side during the animation. Depending on the wall thickness you can shoot , throw grenades or (in some cases) walk to the other side.


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  1. stay diretly in front of a wall
  2. press 'step over'
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Alpha 0.5.102571

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Yeah, step-over seems to have a lot of clipping issues in general ATM. Step over onto an object - such as a rock - and you'll more often than not clip into it and get stuck until you step over out of it again.

I have in some cases found that leaning left or right (Q and E keys) may help in passing through containers and walls. Looking down towards your own feet appears to have similar effects, apparently helping in pushing the view camera through the object.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #7709