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Controls/settings not copied when making a new profile
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When you make a new profile the game doesn't copy your control and video settings. I noticed this since the game made a profile with my Steam name and I wanted to change this to another name. It would be nice if the game saved the video/control settings from an earlier profile or if there was an option to copy them from another profile.


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Create a new profile

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Profiles are used to allow multiple users on the same phisical computer to play.
Therefore is correct (IMO) that when you create a new profile it is automatically set to the default values.
Has been like this since ArmA 1 and 2 (probably even OFP)

I know but it would be a nice option, the game gave my default profile a name which I don't want to use. Setting the controls/video settings every time when I want to create another profile is not so handy in my opinion. Sometimes I play with clantags and sometimes I don't. Would be nice if I could just copy these settings in the game.

I know it is possible by copying the files of the default profile and renaming them and by putting it in the Arma 3 Other Profiles folder.

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You should be able to rename a profile the way you can in ArmA 2 unless that has changed.

Not possible with the profile the game makes for you. Only if you add another profile yourself you can change the name.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Definitely would like the ability to copy the key bindings for a profile. Maybe an import/export system or something. To address the first commenter's issue, also including a "Restore All Defaults" functionality may also be desired.

Some Alpha/Beta updates ERASE your custom key bindings. So yes, it would be a FANTASTIC option for gamers to SAVE their custom key settings! Preferrably to Steam, so that any computer you play ARMA3 on, you will get the same settings.

Profiles for both settings and keybindings would be appreciated. I use different graphic settings when playing online versus single player. It would also allow us to tweak settings without having to write everything down. Thanks for the awesome game!