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Unable to stop walking forwards
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The player character continues to walk forward after using walk toggle and switching to first person view from third person view


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Switch to third person view mode. Start moving the player character forward, then toggle walk either off or on (using the default key binding w+s or s+w) then, whilst still holding the forward key down, hold right click on the mouse to change to first person view - it gets stuck moving forward - their is no way to stop it, accept exiting the editor or the mission

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i fixed pressing 2times "s" but happened to me two times.

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I've been unable to fix it by pressing "s" x2 times unfortunately. But still, this shouldn't happen.

I'd expect, if no input is being entered into the keyboard, then the character should stop, but currently, it keeps running

I might have found a reason. It always bugging when your put your weapon down (using x2 Ctrl) and then you get stuck if you right click for aiming your weapon while walking or running. Best way i've found to solve it it's by pressing v key.

Covered by higher voted issue #0003054.