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Can't use the stance modifier with binoculars
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While looking trough the binoculars, you can't use the CTRL+W / CTRL+S key combos to adjust your stance (ex. to look trough a window etc.)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Bring up your binoculars (default key B)
  2. Try adjusting your stance with CTRL+W / CTRL+S key combinations

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Even worse, using the binoculars resets your modified stance to the default substance. (i.e. default crouch, prone or stand) So you can involuntarily stand up a little when trying to take a closer look at the enemy.

also, if you change your stance with 'X'. you switch to primary weapon, change stance and then switch back to binoculars. Very annoying.

Yeah noticed that after the issue was reported !!
Thanks for posting the note so devs will see :)

I also have a ticket on this item, didn't see yours. Mine lists a few other issues, luckily they are linked with the tags :D

Just to add to the above notes, you cannot use the new sub stances when using your binoculars.

My ticket:

Alternative stances for binoculars will not be implemented. Other issues like not smooth stance changing are scheduled for improvement, but will be handled separately.