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Weapons in MP only change for client.
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When a player changes his primary weapon in a MP session only that player can see the new weapon, all other players see the weapon included with the default load-out.


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Just change weapon in game and check with other players.

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  • Seems to only happen with diver skins..
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I had this happen to me today while playing MP mission "wasteland" I changed weapons and I could see the new one, but my squad-mates saw my old weapon. I was a medic, not a diver.

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Not exactly sure when this occures, but dropping and picking up the weapon again fixes it.

I guess its a glitch of the inventory system when taking stuff from crates. (same with the civilian clothes which are only displayed local)

It's just a server<>client sync issue.
The server doesn't properly realize that you changed weapon if you pick it up from a crate/vehicle, but does if you drop it on the ground (has to render it for all clients at this point)

Its fairly obvious that it is a sync-issue Kid18120, still needs to be fixed though. :)

Infact i did upvote this issue :P

A different ticket about this issue has already been assigned to a developer.