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Vaulting while in certain modified stances causes you to go prone
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Upon random actions your character goes prone and then follows to finish said action. for example, i tried placing a bounding mine. instead of immediatly placing the mine, my character went prone and then stood up and placed the mine.


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1.) Get into any stance other than normal "Tall, crouching, kneeling, " with the exception being prone, low prone and sitting which do not allow vaulting.
2.) Move forward.
3.) Press "V" to vault.

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I've also reported this a little bit ago. Just in case part of the team comes in looking for a repeatable action, low-crouch, jog forward, vault (while still jogging) seemingly always drops to prone before performing the vault.

see also #3994

Updated title for clarity.

Added some repro steps from duplicate tickets.

please, add this 3rd example:
pressing "Raise weapon" or "Toggle raise weapon" while moving in low stand or high stand

Duplicate issue: #0000809 pointed out by tarciop (thanks!)

The first repro steps no longer work, so I removed them. The other repro still works though. Changed the title accordingly.

cannot replicate in latest dev build

Confirmed, seems fixed.