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Massive FPS drop on Escape from Stratis
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When I hosted a 10 player game on the Default Escape from stratis mission, my FPS would drop from 60+ to around 20-30 frames. I'm not sure whether its from the Amount of AI or the amount of vehicles, or maybe the mission itself was poorly optimized. But When i make a mission with around 40 AI's in a custom editor, I experience maybe 50+ max. Not as big of a deal.
I have a 670 and my friend has a worse card and is getting a similar drop in frames. It's mostly likely the mission itself and not our graphic settings.


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Play the mission on multiplayer with 10 players.

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Thank you for reading.

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Or it's the server you're playing on... Have you tried multiple times on different servers? Also are theses server actually people computer's because I've seen a lot of them running on their PC's.

Edit: it may be due to you having people join you since you're hosting it on your PC

See #0000716.