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Chopper bounches when you nose dive
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I nosedived with a chopper in editor and right after i hit the ground my character got some damage but everything was fine,chopper was still flying.I tried it 5 more time and still happened.In multiplayer it was crashing most of the times,but it happened there like 20% of the times i tried it,but in editor it acts like nothing happened.I saw that it happened only if i crahed on the front side of the chopper,side and tail still damage it like they should


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Get a chopper,fly high,aim down and fly straight on the ground.In editor it'll happen 90%

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My frames were 60,so it wasnt lag issue

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I also noticed this when i smashed into the ground on the showcase, chopper became unflyable, but did not blow up or kill me or any other passengers, I hit the ground atleast 150km/h nose plunged.

Felt way too forgiving too jump out alive and kicking from that.

I was lobbing M203s or the equivalent at vehicles earlier. I discovered that while the Hunter and Ifrit always blow up after 3 direct grenade hits, the Ka-60 does not, so maybe it has more armour than it should. Not sure.

I wonder if the difference between the editor and multiplayer could be due to the Extended Armor difficulty option?

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i dont know how to edit my original post(if i can) but i can confirm that thats happening in multiplayer as well.Engine got shot at 200+ m ,chopper was busy freefalling,i tried to balance it a bit but i couldnt,and it landed on some rocks.It got some damage,but nothing important.And i got about 10-20 damage,like i crashed an atv on a wall

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Have been messing around with my friends for a bit and after getting crushed by nosedives from the sky about a million times i can confirm they always bounce and after 1 second the character dies and the helo explodes.

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We were not able to reproduce this bug.

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest developement build.

Not reproducable in latest dev build.