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SCUBA Mission
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  1. When you shoot a fish in the water, it freezes, doesn't go anywhere and is very pixelated.
  2. Certain times, when the divers come off the boat after sabotaging, they get stuck face down, approaching the same area freezes the character as well. It is by the large rocks where the boat is originally parked. Also, ss there an invisible wall past the boat?
  3. When diver leaves the water in first person and is walking in shallow water, appears to have left arm sticking out (kinda like when he's going to pass a football, looks very awkward. This can easily be reproduced when walking along pier.
  4. Divers disappear after killing them in the water.
  5. Are you supposed to be able to lock on to helicopter with RPG because it locks on to boat but I have to free shoot the helo?


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Number 1: has already been reported and is actually in the Known Issues list already.

Number 2: That's strange...

Number 3: This is the standard walking animation. You can perform this with any soldier by double-tapping left-ctrl to bring down the weapon. I believe it is the standard walk to simulate readiness (for grabbing sidearm), not total casual walking.

Number 4: I believe this is known issue as well.

Number 5: There are two types of Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers in the mission. The one you most likely were holding was the one that locks on to ground targets. There is an Anti-Air (AA) specific RPG in an ammunition box on the roof of one of the command buildings in the enemy camp.

Hope this helps!

Most, if not all of these have been reported. Please limit each ticket to a single issue.