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Unable to utilise Infantry Turbo/Sprint, if bound to 2x (double tap) activation key
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Infantry sprint doesn't work with configurations such as 2x W key, which was the default in ArmA II.

Single keys do work, like the default Shift or any other single key config.


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Bind "Turbo" under Infantry Movement controls to 2x W activation and use it in either Crouched or Standing stance while running forward.

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Fast Forward function under Infantry does work with 2x W, and it performs exactly the same function as Turbo.

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You can bind double key configuration to sprint in the Arma 2 controls preset

But you are indeed inable to do this in the Arma 3 preset, and it will be looked into

We thank you for your feedback.

That would be great, if you need to move fast (e.g. respawning and under fire) pressing x,c,w+shift takes way too much time...

You should not be using turbo as its a secondary button effect.What I mean is you need to press W to move forward and then press a turbo button to sprint so hitting just 2xW will not work.Just map 2xW to move fast forward.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.