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AH-6J guns always recoil right.
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Despite the guns being on opposite sides the helicopter will always recoil to the right when firing.
This makes no sense as both guns fire at the same time and should cancel each other out in the terms of recoil forces (at least on the lateral axis, the longitudinal axis would still be affected although there does not seem to be any longitudinal recoil in-game)


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Spawn AH-6J
Fly at any speed (this is more noticeable the slower you go)
Fire the miniguns (the same effect can be observed on the rockets but less pronounced.)
The helicopter will recoil to the right.

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If you're using an xbox 360 controller (or another controller) with default profile right yaw is bound to RT which is also fire. There is no recoil for me with KB/M.

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Probably should have tested that more... confirmed above.
Issue can be closed (although weapon recoil for vehicles would still be nice)