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AI shoot constantly on target even though half way through animation.
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Shooting AI and cause their arm to jitter and make their gun point at the ground although they can still fire at you without pointing their weapon at you.


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Random, depends on hit detection

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Agreed, also AI eye sight, response, and accuracy are excessive.

Camouflage and Suppressor don't help any, I can't see the point of changing gear(looks)if you can always be seen even at night and underwater.

I wouldn't say excessive, I just don't think most people are used to AI being able to see and respond as well as players. Their accuracy is possibly a little excessive though, but that's arma AI for you. Try changing the overall AI skill level in the advanced difficulty options, that might help with the super accuracy.

This is a little excessive.

The AI at the moment has eyesight in 360 degrees, I've poked my head 3 inches above a wall, and an AI spun around and nailed me with one shot from 300m. It needs work, but I'm eager to see how it turns out once the bugs are ironed out.

Like i said, AI Accuracy is to minimum for me on all difficulties. Still issue is cause but that is the slighter problem from what i mean, Its where you shoot an AI in the Arm and he gun points to the ground reacting to the round hit on his arm, But then they are able to shoot while their gun is looking at the ground.

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