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Frame Rates drastically drop when i'm in the gunner seat using FLIR in a car.
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So I was playing the headhunter mission with my friend today and after we cleared out the first objective and went looking around the small compound I noticed something.
When I took the seat as gunner in one of the cars my frame rates dropped really low when I used that gunner cam with FLIR, I did not suffer any FPS drop when I aimed in 3rd person in the gunner seat.
My FPS was otherwise stable during the time we played and I don't know if this is related to my computers performance or if it was some glitch.


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It seems that my FPS drops as soon as I am in a vehicle, just tested this with the vehicle showcase.
But I can't see any difference when i'm driving in 3rd person, So I take it that this issue is related to my computer?

have a similar issue using GUN cam -->high FPS drop

If you're referring to the immersive "screen in a vehicle" view, the FPS drop is probably due to the extra resources required to make that PIP view of the FLIR camera.

UPDATE: changed settings for "PIP" step by step FROM ULTRA to DISABLE.
PIP: ultra to low --> still low fps
PIP: disable-> can not see moving of aim cross, but is somewhow moving because swtiching back to other setting , the aim cross is in a different possition as before
UPDATE2: changing "terrain quality" settings to "high" and below --> increasing LOT of performance (high fps)

See #0003825.