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Gun has no damage?
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Well ... in the mission of the underwater thing .. when i was trying to get the AA gunner .. the primary weapon only damaging underwater, when i was outside the water the gun didn't make any damage at all.. 10 bullets for 1 man, lol.

Thanks for reading my feedback, i hope that will be fixed, also when i load a sace game crahsed.


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It's probably that your underwater weapon is precisely that -- a gun designed to be used underwater. It's less effective above the water from what I've noticed.

Nuh, i actully kiled some one, i think that weapon just have alot of accuracy .. on humans o_o

I had the same issue. The SDAR 5.56mm can't be used underwater. When I get out of water and I was by the side of the rusty shack I didn't see any bullets hitting the ground or the enemy. I had to move behind the shack before I noticed rounds hitting the ground. I suspect collision detection.

It's on the side of the shack closest to the water and two concrete road blocks where I seem to have this issue.

Switch from dual purpose mags to standard 5.56 STANAG ammo

Non-issue, as the previous poster said. You have to switch to Stanag ammo, but it will still perform worse than a normal assault rifle, because it's zeroed to 30m.

Maybe a hint about this might come in handy in a future tutorial.

5.56 should still impact the ground and cause dust, or something, regardless of its lethality. However, I did not know that you could switch mag types out like that. Shouldn't really matter, but it is a game after all.

there seems to be some hit detection issues during the diving mission

the underwater ammo as far as i know fires darts designed to go through wetsuits not to be used on land against plate carriers. try switching to stanag

As J2ackson said.
This has been discussed and solved the same way in an other issue report.
Please use the damn search function next time !

Duplicate of #182, closing.