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You can walk straight through balcony guard rails
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Basically, if you go to any house with a "Guard Rail", you will be able to walk straight through it. I almost died due to going to one of the balcony's on the 2nd story of a building and walking straight through the guard rail and falling down to the ground.


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Load up the editor, place yourself in Agia Marina, Stratis and go to a house with a guard rail and walk straight into it.

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Note: i am now able to say that i can reproduce it all the time.

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Note 2: this is for EVERY SINGLE guard rail, i just fell of a satellite tower because of it

Can confirm that "House 2 (big inhabited) v1" has this problem (a few example IDs: 81549, 81550, 81762). "Shop 1 (inhabited) v1", for instance, is OK. Haven't checked other structures.

I didn't walk through the rail, I just lay on my knee to better aiming and I felt. Felt every time! Very easy to reproduce this bug at the big, globe radar's corridor.

Basically all the rails shaped like the one of the building "House 2 (big inhabited) v1" have this issue.

Other shaped rails are working properly, it seems (ofcourse i can't say i did test every single rail in the map :D )

It seems to be the yellow colored rails only from what I've found so far.

See #0001089.