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W+S & S+W keybinds don't work when assigned to another function (Arma 3 Alpha 0.5.102571)
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Greetings. I recently tried to re-map W+S and S+W to my turbo function, rather than "toggle walk or run". When I do this, the game shows W+S and S+W as conflicting with W or S respectively, so when I actually use the key command, my character stops in place, rather than sprinting. It seems like the game doesn't recognize W+S and S+W as separate from W or S when I manually rebind them, which causes the conflict.


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Re-map your W+S and S+W key commands to turbo, rather than walk or run toggle.

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To me This would be working as intended... S+W on turbo is your problem, remove that from the Turbo keybind. S = backwards, so its conflicting.. W+S (w already held down, then adding "s" will sprint and all is good....

TO clarify just have W+S on turbo

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Working as intented.

Thank you fragoutlet for clarification.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help

comuinty and developers to build better game for all.

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