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Screens go black; PC goes unresponsive
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At first the beta ran beautiful and seemless. But suddenly just messing around in the editor my screen would go black seemingly at random. I cannot control alt delete, alt tab, escape, nothing. Unresponsive. However, I'm able to hear people through TeamSpeak as they speak. I have to hard reset to resolve the issue.

GFX settings were set to Auto Detect.

I'm running an expensive, top end machine, will attach DxDiag below.


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Game Crash
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Random; just playing the game and the screens go black and PC is unresponsive (running dual monitors) but game on my primary.

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Been monitoring overheating possibilities, and its not that. Running 80 Farenheit average on all cores.

NOTE: .txt File is NOT permitted to be attached! SHOULD BE FIXED PLEASE! Below is a DropBox link to my DxDiag.

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Been a few hours now, and it doesnt seem to do it anymore.

I'll update if it continues; but it should be looked into.

Maybe a GFX Driver issue?

Please let me know if those files are needed still.

What was the resolution?

I have confirmed that this has to do with something regarding FULLSCREEN.

Possibly with the gamme adjustment to 1.3.

I ran flawlessly in Fullscreen Windowed; shortly after moving to Fullscreen and then setting gamma to 1.3 to crashed/locked up.

Exact dupe of #242.