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Screens go black; PC goes unresponsive
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At first the beta ran beautiful and seemless. But suddenly just messing around in the editor my screen would go black seemingly at random. I cannot control alt delete, alt tab, escape, nothing. Unresponsive. However, I'm able to hear people through TeamSpeak as they speak. I have to hard reset to resolve the issue.

GFX settings were set to Auto Detect.

I'm running an expensive, top end machine, will attach DxDiag below.

{F16748} {F16749}


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Game Crash
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Random; just playing the game and the screens go black and PC is unresponsive (running dual monitors) but game on my primary.

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Been monitoring overheating possibilities, and its not that. Running 80 Farenheit average on all cores.

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We need dxdiag and files from this folder for solve your problem. C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Alpha\

Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 5,000k, so you can attach here. Thank you.

Package added.

Same problem here!

I was playing a mp game and we were three people driving in a car.

I was often switching from car to the map and go back to the car "bam" nothing happend any more (black screen) - only switching the pc off on the power supply was the only solution. I did not hear any looping sound.

But i was using all @ ultra setting, only shadows was set to only 100-110.

"Arma 3 Alpha.rar" uploaded.

  1. Can you try please install latest graphic and sound drivers? Usage of drivers cleaner before installing new drivers will make sure you have no corrupted drivers left on computer.
  2. Can you try please install latest DirectX runtime (
  3. When you have overclock your hardware, please try go back to default values.
  4. When you use speed fan software, so try set to default values.
  5. Try enable VSYNC.
  6. Tray set shadows quality to Standard

astaroth, I want to further update this to say that I'm able to safely play, no issues whatsoever when I go into windows fullscreen.

My drivers are all up to date, same with DX, I am not overclocking, and all graphics are on standard.

Again I have a suspicious this has something to do with windowed fullscreen vs fullscreen.

  1. fresh & new installation, latest drivers Geforce 314.21 on Win8/64Bit

(no Sounddrivers needed > Bose Companion 5 USB) - no AV Software installed.

  1. latest DirectX installed (Webinstaller)
  2. no oc
  3. no fanspeed software
  4. ok this was set to "off" (i think)
  5. this i can check with standard quality (normaly i use higher settings)

3960X with Titan-SLI

I tried to reduce the shadows to "standard" and v-Sync "enable"

Now i drive with a quad and after a few minutes the games crash to desktop.

I upload the files: Arma3 Alpha_mappi75.rar

Edit: cant upload the whole file

arma3.mdmp is 10Mb great i cant compress the file its still to great for uploading

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.