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AI over-uses grenades, especially underslung.
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I took 5 semi-accurate grenades in about as many seconds. The enemy all seemed to either throwing or launching grenades, and mostly being very accurate with them. Pretty frustrating and quite unrealistic to have such a volume of grenades from a fireteam.


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I wouldn't consider this unrealistic. The baseline for the "is this good AI behavior" is whether or not players would do the same; if I were OPFOR, and I had grenades, I'd darn well use them. These AI also represent trained soldiers, who (hopefully) should be trained in how to use their weapons, and therefore should be at least fairly accurate.

I like that they use them, but it's way too much. Especially considering a grenade launcher should be something you only have one maybe two of in a fireteam/squad depending on the make-up. Certainly not 5. And firing 5 M203's at a single target is just plain wasteful. It's not realistic at all. In fact, I'd say it's pretty unusual to use an underslung against an exposed enemy, they are intended for indirect fire. But the AI just uses them willy nilly.
I agree that the accuracy isn't bad, but it's pretty frustrating to have 5 grenades hit you all at once knowing full well there aren't enough troops to realistically have that many grenade launchers. Just because you have something doesn't mean you should use it. In real life, operations tend to last more than 5 seconds, and you don't usually go into the field with 30 grenades, 5 M203's, and 15 40mm grenades, and you certainly don't use them all on the first fireteam you encounter, because you're more than likely going to be in the field for an extended period of time. Constant explosions around you can be cool, but not terribly realistic when it's a few guys with grenade launchers.

Fair enough. Perhaps groups of AI could 'coordinate' so that they don't over-employ grenades? Only one or two would employ their explosives at a time; that'd be less wasteful, more realistic and less frustrating.

That or at the very least, be realistic about who has a freakin' grenade launcher in the group. It's usually just the fireteam leader, not the entire squad.

Love that the AI is using both hand grenades and GLs effectively. OTOH, the OP is right that this is overkill. Both Chromium and MordeaniisChaos make good points.

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