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Moving to passenger seat in Ifrit causes player to enter into gun-holding animation, but without a gun equipped.
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Moving from the driver seat to front passenger position in the Ifrit from within the vehicle cause the player to enter a gun-holding animation, yet the gun is missing and it seems the player cannot fire from this position. {F16731}


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Steps To Reproduce

Create an empty Ifrit in the editor.
Spawn as infantry.
Enter Ifrit as driver.
Change to passenger position from within the vehicle.

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Saw AI shooting from this position I think.

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I also noticed this. I think it is the plain old Ifrit, the one without any guns. I went in and my guy seemed to be clipping through the roof holding an invisible gun when I entered the front passenger seat.

UpsilonCrux's uploaded file image is spot on.

Not intendet to look trough the roof!

Always happens when moving from gunner seat to passenger seat, moving from outside or driver seat seems fine.

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Reproduced by a friend. Moved from gunner seat to passenger seat, was seen standing on the seat through the vehicle roof.

Had this also, see 0000745

had this too, switched from gunner to passenger and was half in / half out vehicle and when I exited the vehicle I couldn't move. Re-entering vehicle as driver and then exiting vehicle did the trick though.

Acknowledged by dev here: #0000976

Looks like this will be fixed in the next version.