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Unsinkable fish
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When killing a fish, his dead body stops moving, takes a "dead" position but doesn't sink (tried with a shark and a sea turtle). {F16729} {F16730}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

1.Open editor.
2.Place a BLUFOR/Diver/Diver as player in the water.
3.Play the mission.
4.Find a fish.
5.Kill it.
6.Observe his body.
7.Make some fire and eat it (Just kidding =D Good work guys!)

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I can confirm this defect occurs, I shot a tuna fish and it froze in place. I have uploaded an image for reference.

Nice catch. Consider adding some pepper and herbs (it's greece, shouldn't be hard to find).

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Also goes for turtles/tortoises whatever they are.

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Also applies to sharks.

Shouldn't dead fish rise, not sink?

Luckz added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 8:49 AM

"Fish don't always float to the surface right away. They may sit on the bottom for a while until the gases build.",
but yes, indeed, what Spruten said.