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[Steam Alpha 0.5.102571] Inventory not accessible while swimming and diving
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Opening inventory and looting dead bodies is not possible underwater.
You can still grab some items via "Take X" actions and rearm via "Rearm at X". Containers such as ammo boxes and vehicles revert to the old OFP:CWC style "Take X" action menu entries.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor, place yourself in the sea as a BLUFOR > Men (Diver) > Diver
  2. Place another Diver nearby grouped to you
  3. Place an Empty > Ammo > [BLUE] Basic Ammo box next to you
  4. Dive underwater
  5. Press the inventory key, observe that you cannot open your inventory
  6. Kill your fellow diver, expend your magazine, reload and approach him
  7. Observe that you can not access him via "Gear" but still "Rearm at Diver" to retrieve some ammunition
  8. Find his rifle and aim at it
  9. Observe that you can still "Take SDAR ..." to exchange the weapon
  10. Find the Basic Ammo box you placed (it has probably sunk to the sea floor by now)
  11. Observe that the only way to loot items from the ammo box is the ancient and confusing system of "Take X" action menu entries
Additional Information

Game version: Steam Stable Alpha - 0.5.102571

I see no reason why inventory system and other containers like ammo boxes and vehicles should not behave as when on dry land (other than techinical issues I might not be aware of). I understand such limitations might have been ok in Arma 2 where you could potentially destroy vital mission gear by discarding items while swimming.

Enabling full inventory control while swimming and diving could be beneficial for objectives such as retrieving items from underwater containers, dead bodies or sunken vehicles and would certainly benefit the user experience by having such actions done in a consistent manner no matter the environment.

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That it is no possible use inventory under water is by design now. But we will discuss about enable using inventory under water.

I concur. I can understand that there may be the idea that a computerized aa launcher would be worthless is underwater, etc, but my M4 has been completely submerged and still fired fine. So, all in all, if it is underwater, then it is probably not an AA launcher. Perhaps have a "watersafe" inventory bag to place things in that you find underwater, as well as a sealed gear bag with your normal gear in it such as smoke, etc.

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Best report thus far.

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Make it accessible but not to pull out stuff from the backpack.

Closing in favor of higher voted issue #287.