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[DEV Arma 3 Alpha] - Quadbike - standing soldier when driving
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When you want get in quadbike as driver or ride in back, and immediately you open/close your map, you will stand on quadbike and you can drive in this position. {F16688}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Editor.
  2. Spawn soldier, guadbike and start the game.
  3. Now choose Get in quadbike as driver (ride in back), but immediately after this, open a game map.
  1. When you close the map, you can see standing soldier on the quadbike, and you can drive in this position.
Additional Information

if you do the same thing, when you choose get out and immediately open/close your map, you never can't get out.

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Version: [DEV Arma 3 Alpha] 0.5.102523

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map anims disabled, fix confirmed on internal dev version, should go public in Beta