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Allow Non-DLC ownership testing
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I myself own the DLC and am trying to passively persuade others to buy it, by using Global Mobilization assets in enemies and audio, et cetera.
I am trying to test the gameplay limitations of users who are loading the "GM Compatibility Data".
However I am not able to trigger the watermark in the editor preview (also when using a multiplayer server), nor seat limitation in vehicles. In this case I have the DLC disabled and the compatibility mod enabled. I was told on the GM Discord that the game engine checks for the presence of DLC, even when they are not loaded, thus removing restrictions.

This means that I am unable to create an environment that simulates GM compatibility data mod status.

I make missions for a fairly large group of players. The combination of requiring a 38GB download, and the uncertainty of gameplay restrictions, places the threshold too high for my group. This means that I will not risk using the compatibility data, almost certainly leading to missed sales of the DLC, since most players never experience the quality jump between free-tier "CUP" assets and the DLC. This is a feature request that I have seen before on the Discord, and I hereby request it myself.

Thank you for reading all this.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Simply load the GM Compatibility Data mod on an installation of Arma 3 that has the DLC purchased.

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dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Fri, Jul 5, 8:57 PM

Afaik you can go into a Steam debug/console mode. And disable DLC's for yourself.
I would think that's also available to normal users