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Constant crashing and kicked off server after 10 to 20 seconds (Community and Official)
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I am having a issue with staying on a server. After 10 seconds I am kicked with a varying reason such as: 0x00040004 or 0x00040008 or 0x00040005. I have attached the report of my last error.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Windows home | Geforce RTX 4080 super | Z790 MB |
Error Message
Steps To Reproduce

What I have done to try and fix is: checked my internet speed and ping = 90 to 100 Mbps & ping 14ms | I have verified the files on Steam | I have deleted the contents in the Dayz file | I have made the files in Dayz "as administrator" | I have deleted and reloaded the game on steam and repeated all the steps I have mentioned.| I have turned off all VPN | I have run a disk clean | And still can not access any server for more than 10 seconds before being kicked.
No other game is effect just Dayz.

Additional Information

My ping for my location (Australia) changes.
Example: A Aust server may have a ping of 20ms but the same server 1 minute later has a ping of 900 plus. or all Aust servers have too high a ping I can not join, but after a reload they are set at 10 to 40ms. But still once loaded into a server get kicked after 10 to 20 seconds.

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Yode created this task.Sun, May 26, 4:30 AM

FYI... this began two days ago, before this I had no issue with Dayz.

Geez closed this task as Resolved.Mon, May 27, 1:17 PM
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Hello Yode.
The crash dump points towards nvwgf2umx.dll which is a part of the nvidia drivers. Please try to do a clean install and make sure to install the latest version of the driver.

Yode added a comment.Tue, May 28, 10:03 AM

I have done a clean install of the Nvidia drivers and still getting kicked off after 20 seconds, mostly with a 0x00040004 error code, My internet connection is fine and I have had no issue logging on prior to this weekend.
This is frustrating as Dayz is why I bought a PC, the PS5 version is lame in comparison.

Geez added a comment.Tue, May 28, 10:34 AM

Hello Yode.
Server kicks and client crashes are two separate issues. The kicks have nothing to do with the crash issue for which you have provided the crash dump files. The error code is related to your network timing out. Therefore there could be an issue on your network. Unfortunately there is nothing much I can suggest at the moment. Also is this occurring only on a specific server? Do any other servers work for you?

Yode added a comment.Thu, May 30, 4:05 AM

Hi Geez
Thank you for your help, I have contacted my ISP and they have found a fault (not identified yet but a connection issue with my gaming servers) and hopefully they will find a fix for the issue soon