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Dayz crashes after 10 to 60 minutes of playing
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After playing for amount of time, i get black screen for a second and then screen freezes. Usually it crashes here but sometimes it only freezes the screen and i can continue playing sort of blind with frozen screen. This started happening mby like couple weeks ago. So far i tried:
Verifying the game files
Reinstall game
Clean install nvidia drivers with DDU
Switched from Nvidia app back to nvidia experience ( i use nvidia filters ) That seemed to help last night, i played like 2-3 hours in a row without problems. But then next morning i get the crash again.
I deleted some 221111 file and tried to boot the game in buldozer mode or smthg that i saw in another post
Deleted all mods and reinstalled the ones im playing with currently
My specs:
RTX 2080
32gb ram
2560x1440 resolution
My suspicions is that is something to do with the graphics, my game runs on low/medium settings 100-200 fps and i feel like most of the time crashing happens when the fps is lower. But cant say for sure cos the crashing seems so random. Sometimes it even crashes the first couple minutes of playing.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

play game

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ybgips created this task.Mon, May 20, 12:15 PM
Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Mon, May 20, 1:15 PM
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Hello ybgips.
Have you tried to completely delete the DayZ folder from your Documents? And is your Steam cloud sync enabled? If so, please disable it before deleting the documents folder.
We also recommend using geforce experience over geforce app as the geforce app is beta app and we cannot guarantee full functionality - some players have various issues with the app.

@Geez In fact when i deleted the 221111 something folder i did disable cloud and its still disabled. But if ur saying to delete the whole game whilist cloud is off that i dont think i have tried yet. I will give it a go and try tomorrow. Here are some off the crash reports, it doesnt always seem to provide one when it happens.

Geez added a comment.Mon, May 20, 6:16 PM

just to specify, did not mean to delete the whole game, just the documents folder here C:\Users\*username*\Documents\DayZ
But this does lead me to a question, do you have the game installed in documents?

Geez added a comment.Mon, May 20, 6:17 PM

Also in order to analyse any crash dumps, we will require the .mdmp file associated with it.

@Geez Oh okay, the game is installed in a different drive completely. I will try to find the mdmp files tomorrow. Currently working at night so cant have acces to pc yet.

@Geez is this the one u need ?

Geez added a comment.Tue, May 21, 2:29 PM

Hello ybgips.
The dump is from closing the game and seems to be unrelated to the freezing issues.
You could try running the game with -freezecheck parameter to see if it creates a .mdmp when the freeze occurs.

@Geez thanks i will try this tomorrow. I was suspecting something similar since it didnt give me crash report when freeze happened but sometimes when i force closed the game. I noticed that ever since i changed from nvidia app to experience the freezing seems to happen alot less, Since i did that i played 3 gaming sessions and only 1 freeze crash so far. I dont know if that was just a random unlucky one or did it fix the problem but ill be back with results, will be playing longer session tomorrow evening/night so its bound to freeze crash if its not fixed haha

@Geez okay i have played multiple sessions and havent crashed so far. I saw a other game i played had black screen freezing problems with the new nvidia drivers, so mby its related to this. But like i said it seems to be working now.