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Energy and water values in the gear/food/config.cpp do not match the energy and water a player gets from food items
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In DayZ PC community server with no mods, the energy and water a player gets from food items is many times the values set in gear/food/config.cpp. For cooked animal, it is 5x. for other food items it appears to be 4x. For example, a 100% mackerel fillet, baked. Config.cpp says it should have an energy value of 240 and a water value of 40. When eaten, at the point the energy and water start to decrease, the player has 1136 energy and 186 water. Allowing for the decreases due to metabolism, this suggests a 5x increase in those values. I also note that after eating, sometimes the arrows switch from up to down for a second, then go up again.

It appears from watching this, that the food increase might be looping 5 times for steaks/fillets and 4 time for other items, such as beans or cereal as the values in-game seem to be integer multiples of those set in config.cpp.

Obviously this greatly affects the 'survival' aspect of DayZ. I only noticed as I am making a hardcore survival server and I was getting complaints that the energy level of food items was allowing players to survive too easily ;)


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
server running on windows server 2016
Steps To Reproduce

Either find food in the wild or spawn in some food and then eat it.

Additional Information

I have tried this on my own server using only CF+VPP admin tools to check values, The same results were seen on a vanilla server I started just to test this, I also joined another server that was vanilla and after sprinting until I ran out of food then eating a single mackerel steak, the food values were comparable. One venison steak, baked, allowed me to sprint for over half an hour before I ran out of food again.

During testing, I used admin tools to set my food and water to 0 just before eating the food. I waited until my character had absorbed the food and I saw down arrows on energy and water, I then looked at the character in the VPP Admin tools player manager and noted the energy and water values. Here are some example results :

mackerel baked food 1136 water 186
mackerel dried food 600 water 0
mackerel boiled food and water both 800
carp baked food 900 water 300
carp boiled food and water both 750
carp dried food 600 water 0
tin beans food 799 water 399
cereal water 0 food 959
cow steak baked food 1421 water 235
cow boiled food 1246 water 496
cow dried food 1246 water 0
chicken boiled food 107 water 63
chicken baked food 200 water 37
chicken dried water 0 food 187

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One addendum : Making an override mod to change these values does not change the multiplier, for example setting the energy and water values of mackerel fillet, baked, to 5 means you get 25 energy and 25 water from it.

spitoon_drinker added a comment.EditedSun, May 19, 10:00 PM

I have noticed some variation in the multiplier from further testing. Pig meat seems to have a multiplier of 2.5 for energy and water. Goat meat is even less, with values ending up only 50% more than those in config.cpp, sometimes only just higher than what they should be.

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Hello spitoon_drinker.
The energy and water values that written in the config.cpp are not the total values you will get. There are other data, which are involved in calculation, for example the quantity of the food.
We have checked this and there is no issue.