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Two Eyes Open Aiming Option (Feature Request, mostly for Arma 4 but would be useful here too)
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Issue Description: Not sure where I could post this so I will just put it here so maybe someone sees it. Currently in Arma we aim like this:

This way of aiming is fine and all, but I had an idea to make this a bit more realistic and useful at the same time. When using optics in combat, it is useful to employ the "two eyes open" aiming method, this is a technique where we keep both our eyes open when we use our scope, which allows us to maintain situational awareness, and can actually make it easier to acquire targets through our scope.

I believe it could be possible to achieve this result by simply pushing the weapon off to the right side of the screen, rather than having it front and center, making sure that the exact center (the spot we are aiming at) is visible both in the scope, and in our view. This would simulate both eyes being open and would allow us to much more quickly pick out targets, while also allowing us to maintain our awareness of what is going on right in front of us.

An example of what this could look like would be something like this:

I fully appreciate that you may not have the time, nor the resources to implement this in Reforger, however I am posting this anyway, in the hopes it gets considered for Arma 4 when that eventually starts production as having the idea before you start would suck a lot less for you guys.

Keep up the great work,

some random guy on the internet.


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