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Loading Json file is slow + fix
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I noticed trying to load bigger Json files (100kb+) will result in a huge lag spike. Trying to load files bigger than 1mb can take several minutes
I looked at the JsonFileLoader class ant noticed a huge performance issue in loading files (saving is fine)

The problem ist, that each line is read through FGet and concatenated to the output string, which is a problem for two reasons:

  1. A lot of small IO operations, which are unnecessarry, because the whole file needs to be loaded anyways
  2. A lot of string concatenations, which are especially expensive, because of c++ internally copying the whole string each time, stressing the CPU and Ram


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Here is how to fix:

replace the

string fileContent;
string lineContent;
while (FGets(handle, lineContent) >= 0)
	fileContent += lineContent;


string fileContent;
ReadFile(handle, fileContent, 2000000000);

Another suggestion, because this only works with Json files, because there are no nullterminators in the file:
Add a function, which can just read a whole file into memory / into a string and not only until it finds a nullterminator

Just a small comparison between the two versions:
A 6mb file takes around 5 minutes to load with the old version. With the new version is was 6ms! Please fix it, it's a super simple fix

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