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Render Distance/Reduced Visibility Bug
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Since the release of DayZ 1.23 I have noticed a reduced visibility with DayZ on console, whereby it appears as though you can't see clearly beyond say 400m or so even though the set render distance as standard may be something like 1200m. I mainly play PlayStation but I believe this issue is also present on Xbox.

It almost looks like a blanket of fog in the distance, but once you get to that point physically it's obviously not - so then must just be something like rendering.

This is something that stands out massively to myself and members of my community server. It takes away from the beautiful design of Chernarus and Livonia in all it's glory.

Please say there is a fix out there!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

This appears to be something out of player control. It's not a bug that is triggered by certain actions, more so an existing issue that is permanently there.

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