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A "terminate" command for FSM's
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It would be nice, if there was a command to terminate an active FSM handle.


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You can always set an FSM variable that would direct your FSM to the exit state.

Hey there!

That's how we currently handle it but our framework is big and one can forget to set this variable into a new FSM.
It would be less annoying, if it could be handled automatically.


Terminating FSM would mean removing it from scheduler on the next simulation so it would just stop running at unknown part of its execution. Is that what you are after? Isn't it better to have controlled FSM exit rather than "eject"?

Yes exactly.

It's a quest system thats possibly running a couple of FSM's in the background. If someone changes the faction, the system should terminate all running fsm's no matter which state.

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but you will have to execFSM with allowTerminate param

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Thank you, works like a charm!

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