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Launched explosive damage to low
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Launched explosive such as the RPG, LAW, and both 40mm grenade launchers are now extremely underpowered against vehicles in some cases not even doing any damage.

LAW/RPG will not do much damage to the rear of a vehicle when it is shot, I've shot multiple UAZ's, truck, and Humvee's with them and either it's no damage or completely destroyed. If you hit in the front half of the vehicle it's a vehicle mobility if not catching on fire kill, if you hit them in rear half of the vehicle nothing happens at all to the occupants or the vehicle itself. My friends and I have tested this in both live and experimental, this issue was brought up as well on other occasions pre 1.0.

40mm grenades do not have their splash kill radius correct, I don't say this because it happened just to me, but also I was the target of 40mm grenades today and had them land all around me, where I was in the HE kill radius which is 5 meters. The time I had it happen to me, and the time it happened to a player I was targeting both times the 40mm landed within 2-3 meters with no effect on health at all, or any vision effects. There was no wounding from shrapnel or the HE that would have killed myself, and the player I was targeting later on.

LAW/RPG has basically no effect against Helicopters, this has been a problem both in Exp, and in live where the MI-8, and UH-1N can both take direct hits from RPG/LAW's to the rotors and have nothing happen to them, ironically enough about 10 minutes after this my AK-74 Overpenetrated somehow and headshotted the pilot out of the MI-8..

I don't think either an MI-8 or a UH-1N's rotors would survive a direct hit without losing some ability for long term flight.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Target the rear of a car as it's driving away with the RPG/LAW

Target a player at various distances (has to be done on official servers for comparisions) I was shooting at this player at 25 meters and watching the grenades explode within 5 meters of him. Player was still alive when I left the server

Target a helicopter as it's moving with and RPG/LAW.

Additional Information

All testing was done on official servers.

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@Geez not feedback, you have inconsistent damage on the explosives have since day 1. Everything that I wrote in this report was tested and found to happen.

So I suggest you actually do some testing with the explosives following the scenarios I described.

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